There are 4 active fighting modes:

  1. PvE (boat icon)
  2. PvP (crossed swords)
  3. Clan war (Gotaland on the map)
  4. Battle for Wessex (Wessex on the map)

PvE and PvP are available at all times. Clan wars are only for clan members. The Battle for Wessex is unlocked after completing the map.

1. Select a battle mode (light red duchy on the map, PvP button, area in Gotaland or Battle for Wessex)

2. Click on “Start attack“

Battle area display:

  • Top left: enemy data
  • Bottom: your heroes
  • Right: optional boosters
  • Center: enemy units (type + number)

3. Select a hero type.

4. Select the number of battle points.

5. Click on the green “OK“ button.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until deployment is complete.

7. Click on the red “Fight“ button.

Hint: To use more than one type of hero, you have to reduce the number of heroes on the first position.

Did you know, that the colors of the weapons show you how strong your hero is against the enemy classes? Dark red is weak, bright green is strong.