Switch to the map to fight against the Crazy Lobo MC. Banish the Crazy Lobos MC from one county after another and expand your level of influence from coast to coast.

To fight against the Crazy Lobos MC (PvE), you need to select the marked federal state on the map (it is marked in a lighter blue).

Every federal state is subdivided into 10 counties. You have to get all these counties under your control first, to claim the federal state.

On the upper part you will always see the defender (green). The attacker can be found below (red). The numbers on the markings show the backing of this position. They will add their bonus to the life energy of the positioned type of biker.

If you click on one of the marks, a window will open, where you can make adjustments to the units.

You can position one biker type per spot. Make sure that you do not place all members of a unit to every position, so that you will be able to use other types of bikers for other positions as well. Use the blue slider or the input field to decide the number of bikers you would like to use for a position. If you have placed all units to your liking, you can now push the “fight” button to start the battle.