PvP: Battle against other players from all over the world

PvP battles bring you money and possibly illegal goods. In addition, for each battle you win, you earn a rankpoint for your rank and points for the Hall of Fame.

To fight against another player, you first have to play at least once against the Crazy Lobos on the map. After that, you can click on the PvP icon - below the map.

In the upper part is always the defender (red). The attacker is at the bottom (green). The numbers on the marks indicate the coverage of the position. 

They give the specified biker type the specified bonus to his life energy.

If you press the marker, the window for setting the units opens.

You can set up one type of biker per position. Make sure that you do not set up all units in one position to use the other positions and types of biker. 

Use the blue slider or the input field to determine the number of bikers.

Once you've placed all your units, just press the "Fight" button and the fight begins.