Claim the federal state New York and fight together with your MC to get score points for the Hall of Fame.

  1. The MC needs at least three members to claim New York.
  2. Battles for New York begin at the top of the hour when at least two MCs have claimed a state for themselves.
  3. Each battle will be made up of two MCs. The first MC, being the winner, will be rewarded 30,000 points. If after two hours of combat none of the MCs has attained this mark, the MC with more points will be proclaimed winner.
  4. Points are calculated every minute. Occupying more counties grants greater bonuses.
  5. New York consists of ten counties that can be occupied by defeating their current owners. Occupied counties will be protected by the owner’s defense.
  6. Players may occupy as many counties as they wish, but should be aware that the defense will be distributed equally among all occupied counties.
  7. The winner achieves points for the Hall of Fame.